Railway safety is an inalienable part of traffic culture. People crossing the railway should be aware of the risks in order to consider them.

Operation Lifesaver Estonia will host on 15-16 March 2011 in Radisson BLU Olümpia Hotel (Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia)

International // Educational Conference on railway safety "Let's Save Lives 2011"

The purpose of the conference is bringing together organisations and persons dealing with railway safety in order to obtain an overview of the work done in other countries and share experiences related to railway safety activities targeted at the general public.

An overview of the results of the railway safety work done in Estonia will be presented by the representatives of Estonian government institutions: Estonian Technical Surveillance Inspectorate and Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board.

Experience in the field of public railway safety promotion will be shared by top railway safety experts from the USA, Canada, Europe and Russia.

  The target audience of the conference are managers of railway companies, experts responsible for public safety, police officers and rescue specialists, national railway surveillance authorities and national road accident prevention coordinators.

The presentations made during the conference will focus on the following subjects:

  1. Efficient and non-efficient methods.

  2. Are there any common railway accident prevention methods or do all the countries have a unique approach?

  3. Would it be possible to organise cooperation between various countries and coordinate common activities?

  4. Who (government, entrepreneur, private person, etc.) and how should be engaged in railway accident prevention work?

  5. Is railway safety a integral part of road safety or is it a separate field of safety (like waterway safety)?

  6. Why is railway safety usually seen as railway level crossing safety? What we could do to change that misinterpretation?

  7. Would the installation of gates at level crossings reduce collision risk or would that rather cause people to be more negligent?

  8. What could be done to enhance the distinction between road and railway safety campaigns, how to increase the importance of railway safety campaigns and make their more noticeable in urban environment?

  9. What could be done to develop preventive work in the field of railway safety undertaken in Europe?

The working languages of the conference will be Estonian, English and Russian simultaneous translation will be provided.

The conference has no participation fee.

Accommodation: Participants can book accommodation at special rates in Radisson BLU Olümpia Hotel. Special rates are valid for booking until 15 February 2011. Registration sheet »

Registration deadline is 1 March 2011. Those wishing to make a presentation should contact the organisers by 1 February 2011 at the latest. Registration sheet »

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